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  • Category permissions are not working for wiki pages
    Wiki home page is not viewable by Anonymous user. I am seeing "You are not logged in" message on my wiki home page when I am not logined in. It is wrong because wiki home page belongs to the category that have "tiki_p_view" enabled option for Anonymous. "Category" feature is enable. Same problem take place with other wiki pages which belongs to same category. Where is my mistake? I have TikiWiki 5.1 instance.
  • Calendário exibe letras "n" no início de cada linha
    Olá colegas, O módulo de calendário exibe algumas coisas estranhas, como essas letras "n" que aparecem no início de cada nova linha. {IMG(src="http://img291.imageshack.us/img291/9466/10092010133743.png")}{IMG} Isso por si só já é bastante incômodo, sem contar os caracteres que não são reconhecidos. Já olhei no template __tiki-calendar_box.tpl__ mas não achei nada que pudesse estar ocasionando isso. Será um erro de interpretação do Smarty?
  • Freetags restrict "browse in" to just the Wiki
    Hello, I'm using Freetags to allow users to find items in my Tikiwiki site. But I don't want the browse-freetags.php to allow them to search other places e.g. the Image Gallery. Is it possible to restrict the places this item searches? Thanks Peter
  • Where are the features like Blogs and Image gallery?
    Hello I am trying to mock up a quick page with TW. I had created a user, enabled features like gallery and blog but the user cannot see those features. How do I make them visible to the user? They show up in the admin left tool bar but not on the user`s thanks
  • Templates Tracker Status
    Is anyone aware of the {$f_id} of the Status? I have a template for trackers but I want to present the status for the user to close the tracker, but I am unable to find the name used to present the status in the template..... Thanks
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