Tears Unfallen

Tears Unfallen is a Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition game that takes place in the world of Onella in a Final Fantasy setting. The GM is Mike, and players are Alec, John, Teznie, Kevin, Matt, Janet, and Peter.

Tears Unfallen
Game system: · Zodiac FFRPG (sessions 00~07)
· Mutants & Masterminds (sessions 07~ch. 2, ses. 19)
· Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (ch. 3, ses. 01~present)
Gamemaster: Mike
Current players: · Alec
· Janet (joined ch. 3, ses. 02)
· John
· Kevin (joined ch. 2, ses. 08)
· Matt (sessions 00~07+x+8; ch. 3, ses. 01~present)
· Peter (joined ch. 3, ses. 02)
· Teznie (joined session 07+x+7)
Former players: · Ira (sessions 07+x+14~07+x+24)
· Paul (session 00~ch. 2, ses. 09)


Active characters

  • Alec: Beryl, Jewel Hunter
  • John: Mantle, Elemental Alchemist
  • Kevin: Ward, Gunblade
  • Teznie: Theal, Immortal Guardian
  • Matt: Kel Garr, Barbarian
  • Janet: Mialee, Cleric
  • Peter: Pieter

Defunct characters

About the world


The world of Onella consists primarily of two super-continents: the one to the "east" contains the Kingdom of Lucia, the Orgat Empire?, and the island nation of Raaza?; the one to the "west" has Lake Hylia at its centre and a number of large islands south of it. Between the two continents lie two land masses: Sellis? and the Forbidden Isles?.

Two moons orbit Onella: Kuzo (the smaller) and Nagi (the larger).


Read the following articles for details information on:

List of places visited by or mentioned to the party thus far:

  • Garden of Tears: A mystical cavern beneath Mount Rook in in the Banbor Badlands.
  • Mount Rook: Mantle's home, and the location of the Garden of Tears.
  • Velda Landing: A small town about half-way between Mount Rook and Arra.
  • Arra: Capital city of the Ministry of Banbor.
  • Kingdom of Lucia: A vast kingdom that includes the Ministry of Banbor.
  • Kale Station: A village located about one day's full travel west of Arra.
  • Golden Gryphon's Tower: Wizard's tower north of Kale Station, across the Rushing River. Upon returning to it after leaving Bridgetown, the tower had disappeared.
  • The Town: A crossroads visited by Hiro and Morteghan in the Ministry of Lutgug.
  • Southport: A major port in Lutgug, recently suffering hard times from foreign trade disputes.
  • Porttown: The largest city in Lutgug, located on the north shore of the ministry.
  • Ruby Ridge: Capital city of the Ministry of Lutgug, located on the western side of the Banbor Mountains.
  • Peregrine: Located on the highway between the mountain pass and Clearspring, it is a small village of humans and terrans living in harmony.
  • Clearspring: A large city at the base of the above-ground portion of the Tyrun River.
  • Bridgetown: Currently occupied by the Royal Army while they devise a way to liberate Arra.
  • Banshot: A border town between Banbor and Lashot, located at an oasis in the Banbor Desert.
  • Azure Mills: A border town at the meeting of the ministries of Banbor, Lashot, and Shipi. It's the supposed hideout of the White Blades.
  • Aerean Mountains: Mountain range in the Ministry of Zan. The Temple of the Four Winds is located close to the southern end of the range on the east side.
  • Mount Moorie: home of the "Arcana-mole". The Blade Breakers found remnants of a Orgat Empire overseer's room. War between Orgat and Lucia ended roughly 50 years ago in this area, when the current King of Lucia's grandfather took over the territory. Battle skirmishes still happen between Lucia and Orgat. (to be moved to Lucia page soon)
  • Mount Volsaris: Another in the series of Terran mountain homes. The Red Wings are operating peacefully alongside Terrans here. The Blade Breakers encountered Mantle's mentor, Halite, here and agreed to travel with Kel Garr to Port-au-Prince. Shalim was left with Halite to see if she can be cured.
  • Port-au-Prince: Founded two centuries ago by a son of the King of Lucia, it is the capital of Lashot and pretty much its only civilization outside of the Sunalac Desert.
  • Etol Rog: A canyon located between the Shimmering Bay and the Sunalac Desert. It is said to be extremely dangerous, so most choose to travel by ship across the bay or risk venturing into the desert to go around it.

Map of the world


There is a universal calendar for the world:

  • The year is split up into 10 months: all of our modern months, minus July and August. 1 = January, 2 = February, ..., 9 = November, 10 = December.
  • Each month is split into four weeks, and every month is 28 days long. The only exception is every three years there is a leap day, taking place on June 29.
  • Each week is therefore 7 days long. The names of the week are: Sunday, Moonday, Fireday, Waterday, Treeday, Goldday, and Earthday.



There are a number of unusual foods found in the world of Onella. Banbor, for example, is known for its coniferous-based syrups and the unique consumption of horse fish.

  • Pine syrup: Found only in the pine forests along the Banbor Mountains. The town of Clearspring is the main centre of production.
  • Spruce syrup: A lesser knock-off of pine syrup found mostly east of Arra.
  • Horse fish: A species native to the Sea of Shifting Sands. It is consumed by the inhabitants of Banshot, and is considered a delecacy throughout Banbor.


The people of Lucia are primarily non-religious, as they have come to "worship" magic, which has god-like powers. Lucia Prime remains the stronghold for religion, as it also holds to primary temples to the major gods that are still recognised. Remnants of old religions are abound both in physical existence and in certain local dialectical sayings.
Learn more about the mythology of Onella.



  • Vicks: Hired muscle that acted as a bodyguard for Valen and Xander during their excursion to the Garden of Tears.
  • Halite: Mantle's mentor.
  • Bill: Innkeeper of The Prancing Unicorn, located in Velda Landing.
  • Mayor Bradley: Mayor of Velda Landing.
  • Millar Brantis: An 'information broker' who fled Arra to Velda Landing upon hearing about a potential invasion. He is an associate of Xander.
  • Alister Halloway: A lawyer in Arra who has worked with Mantle in the past.
  • Commander Sochi: A member of the ministerial guard, situated in Arra.
  • Zane: A newcomer to the Red Orchid.
  • Terrans from Mount Arvin: Emor, Korrin, and Jesko are the males; there are also two females and a boy and a girl. They had been abducted and held captive by the Red Wings in Arra, until rescued by the party.
  • Adamo: Morteghan's mentor.
  • Rindo the Mighty: The town champion of Kale Station. He saved Kojah from the wizard, but later in Clearwater told the party that it was all a set-up to improve favourability to Rindo and Mayor Odin.
  • Mayor Odin: Beloved mayor of Kale Station.
  • Kojah: Nephew of Mayor Odin.
  • Andrella: Daughter of the Mannanan, wizard of the Golden Gryphon's Tower.
  • Mannanan, wizard of the Golden Gryphon's Tower: Maniacal mage who kidnapped Kojah to pair with his daughter. After being confronted in the tower while the party was trying to escape with Kojah and Andrella, he metamorphosed into a giant half-man/half-snake, sending Mantle, Hiro, Louanna, and Morteghan into the Ministry of Lutgug. Mantle and Louanna awoke in a rape field; Hiro and Morteghan came to in a forest.
  • Lutz?: A male adventurer who travelled with Louanna and Mantle in Lutgug. He wears only pants with a belt and is completely bald. He uses his bare hands as weapons. (NPC played by Paul.)
  • Karin?: A female adventurer who travelled with Louanna and Mantle in Lutgug. She is statuesque and wears breastplate, uses a short sword, and has long, blonde hair. Her personality is "a female Hiro without a sense of humour", to quote Alec. (NPC played by Alec.)
  • Bogomir?: A male adventurer who travelled with Hiro and Morteghan in Lutgug, visiting The Town and Chocobo Cho's ranch. He has a black mohawk and wears brown leather adventurer's garb, and fights with a pair of katana. Bogomir tends to speak when only having something meaningful to say while working, but has a playful, sarcastic side when off duty. (NPC played by John.) He also made an appearance when the party returned to Arra under the rule of the White Blades, and helped Zane fight Kukro. He calls their adventuring group August Squad.
  • Arina?: A female adventurer who travelled with Hiro and Morteghan in Lutgug, visiting The Town and Chocobo Cho's ranch. She dresses in multi-coloured robes and uses a quarterstaff; has long blue hair down to her waist. She is mischievous, and was dubbed a "fairy" by Hiro. (NPC played by Teznie.)
  • Annette: The daughter of the woman who runs the general store in The Town. She told the party about Southport being basically abandoned because of the overseas trade embargo against Lutgug by a country with vast amounts of precious metals.
  • Chocobo Cho: Owner of a very successful chocobo ranch east of The Town.
  • Jorge: An onion vendor in Ruby Ridge.
  • Wedge: The apparent identical twin of Vicks, who chickened out of going through the mountains back to Banbor.
  • Marika: An ancient spirit who terrorized the party by making them fight people close to them.
  • Julianne Yoshimitsu: A false version of her appeared to fight Hiro for Marika's entertainment.
  • ---: A travelling merchant also suffering a nasty cough from the dust in the air near Peregrine.
  • Kurasu: The supposed leader of the White Blades. At the end of the session on 2011-12-13, Hiro recognises him as Raven, an enemy and former student of Seifu Yoshimitsu.
  • Seifu Yoshimitsu: Hiro's mentor.
  • Sergeant Graydon: The main gate guard at Bridgetown.
  • Private VK: The messenger who escorted Benedict to see Commander Kane.
  • Commander Kane: Chief military officer at Bridgetown, co-ordinating the kingdom's plan to re-take Arra.
  • Karina: Commander Kane's personal chef.
  • Hazel: An elder woman who claims to sense someone named "Anea" inside of Louana. She later tells Hiro that Anea is the daughter of the House of Rend, one of the highest noble houses in Banbor. Hazel was Anea's attendant until the girl mysteriously disappeared two years ago.
  • Grady: One of Raven's many lieutenants in the White Blades, who claims leadership of the bandit group after Raven disappears with the Axe of Fire.

  • Remo: An excentric semi-hermit who lives at the southern shore of the Sea of Shifting Sands. In exchange for 10% of the reward in Banshot, he offered to give the party passage in his boat to Banshot.


  • Doroban: Mud creatures who arose from the ground in Kale Station during the massive downpours following the unfreezing of the river.
  • Fairy Drake: Nasty lizard-like beings that defy gravity, first appearing playful in the disguise of a will-o'-whisp. Hiro skinned an orange one and kept the hide; Benedict ate 10 of them.
  • Great Fairy Drake: Claimed to be the parent of the slain fairy drakes; ended up being knocked clear the other side of Arra. Benedict could only find the crater, and not the corpse.
  • Saljjag: A bear with white fur and a soft blue glow. It distrubed the wildlife during the Blade Breakers' journey from Azure Mills back to Arra in search of answers about Theal replacing Louanna.


  • Red Wing Mining Corporation: A large mining company in Banbor and other parts of the Lucian Kingdom, Red Wing is known for its unscrupulous ravaging of the land.
  • Mosquitoes: The local organized-crime syndicate in Arra.
  • White Blades: A group of apparent mauraders headed for Arra to rob the gold repository. The Blade Breakers got their name from defeating 800+ of the bandits in their headquarters after the exit of Raven. Four of the people running for the leadership escaped the mass capture.
  • Red Orchid: A mystical group of ninja and magi, with chapters established throughout the world.
  • Royal Lucian Army: The military arm of the Kingdom of Lucia. They were encountered in Bridgetown and Arra, before having them arrest the captured White Blades near Azure Mills.
  • Jade Fellowship: They killed four ogres in Mount Moorie. They were established within the past two millennia, and are likely connected to the Orgat Empire.

Game recordings and progress

Tears Unfallen - game recordings
Chapter Session # Session date In-game date and location (at start) Session recordings
I 00 March 16, 2010 N/A: character creation [no recording]
I 01 April 13, 2010 ?day, April ?? - Rook Mountain [does recording exist?]
I 02 April 27, 2010 ?day, April ?? - Garden of Tears [recording upload pending - Mike]
I 03 May 11, 2010 ?day, April ?? - monk house in Big Home (Rook Mountain) [recording upload pending - Mike]
I 04 May 25, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 05 June 8, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - John + Mike]
I 06 June 22, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07 July 6, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+?x (M&M) August 10?, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - ???]
I 07+?x (M&M) August 17?, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - ???]
I 07+x (M&M) August 31, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+1 September 14, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+2 October 26, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+3 November 23, 2010 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+4 January 4, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [no recording]
I 07+x+5 January 25, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+6 February 8, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+7 February 22, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+8 March 8, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+9 April 5, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+10 April 26, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - ???]
I 07+x+11 May 24, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Mike]
I 07+x+12 June 7, 2011 ?day, April ?? - Golden Gryphon Tower [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+13 June 21, 2011 ?day, April ?? - farm / Chocobo Cho's ranch [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+14 July 5, 2011 Sunday, April 23 - Ruby Ridge [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+15 July 26, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+16 August 9, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Mike]
I 07+x+17 August 23, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+18 September 6, 2011 ?day, April ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+19 September 20, 2011 ?day, May ?? - ? [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+20 October 11, 2011 Moonday, May 3th - highway between Clearspring and Bridgetown [no recording]
I 07+x+21 October 25, 2011 Waterday, May 5th - Bridgetown [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+22 November 8, 2011 Goldday, May 7th - Kale Station [recording upload pending - John + Mike]
I 07+x+23 November 22, 2011 Earthday, May 8th - plains close to Arra [recording upload pending - John]
I 07+x+24 December 13, 2011 Sunday, May 9th - Arra [recording upload pending - Paul]
I 07+x+25 January 24, 2012 Sunday, May 9th - north square of Arra [recording upload pending - ???]
Chapter Session # Session date In-game date and location (at start) Session recordings
II 01 February 21, 2012 Sunday, May 9th - Arra [recording upload pending - ???]
II 02 March 13, 2012 Moonday, May 10th - Arra [recording upload pending - ???]
II 03 April 10, 2012 Fireday, May 11th - plains north-west of Velda Landing [recording upload pending - ???]
II 04 May 22, 2012 Goldday, May 14th - White Blades hideout [recording upload pending - ???]
II 05 June 26, 2012 Earthday, May 15th - White Blades hideout / Arra [recording upload pending - John]
II 06 July 10, 2012 Sunday, May 23rd - Anabelle's farm [recording upload pending - ???]
II 07 July 31, 2012 Fireday, May 25th - plains near Velda Landing [recording upload pending - ???]
II 08 August 21, 2012 Goldday, May 28th - Arra (Adamo's house) [recording upload pending - ???]
II 09 September 11, 2012 Earthday, June 1st - badlands between Velda Landing and Mount Rook [recording upload pending - John]
II 10 October 2, 2012 Sunday, June 2nd - Mount Rook [recording upload pending - John]
II 11 October 23, 2012 Moonday, June 3rd - Remo's shack [recording upload pending - John]
II 12 November 27, 2012 Moonday, June 3rd - Banshot [recording upload pending - John]
II 13 December 11, 2012 Fireday, June 4th - north-west shore near Banshot [recording upload pending - John]
II 14 February 12, 2013 Waterday, June 5th - Astral Prison · recording part I (by John)
· recording part II (by John)
· recording part III (by John)
· recording part IV (by John)
II 15 March 5, 2013 Treeday, June 6th - north shore of sand sea · recording part I (by John)
· recording part II (by John)
· recording part III (by John)
· recording part IV (by John)
II 16 March 19, 2013 Treeday, June 6th - Mt. Moorie · recording part I (by John)
· recording part II (by John)
· recording part III (by John)
II 17 April 9, 2013 Treeday, June 6th - Mt. Moorie · recording part I (by John)
· recording part II (by John)
· recording part III (by John)
· recording part IV (by John)
II 18 April 30, 2013 Goldday, June 7th - Sunalac Desert · recording part I (by John)
· recording part II (by John)
· recording part III (by John)
· recording part IV (by John)
II 19 May 21, 2013 Fireday, June 11th - desert sinkhole [recording upload pending - John]
Chapter Session # Session date In-game date and location (at start) Session recordings
III 01 November 26, 2013 Fireday, June 11th - Mt. Volsaris [no recording]
III 02 January 7, 2014 Moonday, June 17th - Port-au-Prince [no recording]

House rules

- Rolling a 1 or a 20 on checks (aside from attacks) will impose a -5/+5 bonus to the roll, making criticals more critical

- The "hero point" system: you all will start with two, and will need to keep track of this on your character sheet. Scoring four letters (H E R O) will gain you another point. These points can be used to make something "cool" happen, to perform a re-roll, and so forth.

- If you're absent, you will received half the XP of those present. How treasure is split up is up to the party.

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