Runes of Ruins

Runes of Ruins is a Dungeons & Dragons (4th edition) game. The GM is Matt, and players are Ira, Dave, Deanne, Mike, Anthony, and John.


Active characters

  • Deanne: Phèdre, eladrin warlord
  • Ira: Eddie, Half-Elf Bard
  • Mike: Hadarae, eladrin invoker
  • Anthony: Justarius, human hexblade
  • Dave: Thoradin, dwarf fighter
  • John: Sazzy Banana-pants, some kind of shapeshifter

Defunct characters

  • Ira: Bernie, human thief
    • tons of stuff, but he's still active an an NPC
  • Andy: Dreslund, human barbarian
    • 295gp
    • Inescapable Execution Axe +1 (680gp lv3)
    • Hide Armor of Escape +1 (520gp lv2)
    • Amulet of Protection +1 (360gp lv1)
    • Belt of Feral Might (680gp lv3)
    • Stag Helm (1000gp lv5)
Runes of Ruins
Game system: ''Dungeons & Dragons" (4th edition)
Gamemaster: Matt
Current players: · Anthony (session 9~)
· Dave (session 1~8, 12~)
· Deanne
· Ira
· John (session 20~)
· Mike
Former players: · Andy (session 3~8)

About the world - Alfegard

The world of Alfegard is a perilous place. Largely unsettled, bastions of civilization exist as “points of light” amidst a dark realm of hostile creatures and vast, untamed lands.

Ruins of an ancient, dwarven-like race have been unearthed within the past few centuries. For the most part, they were of interest only to scholars, as they housed nothing of monetary value. However, much has remained a mystery even to those who studied them. While opinions on the value of the discovery vary, the most significant finding from the ruins thus far are the Warforged.

The Warforged were found scattered throughout what remained of this civilization. Until recently, they were either inoperable or feral, indistinguishable from golems or homunculus. Several generations ago, sentient warforged were discovered, though their memories of anything prior to being discovered are non-existent.

Recently, an earthquake near the kingdom of Izahz has stirred up activity in a previously discovered ruin. The party has gathered in order to investigate this event.


  • Kional

Authority: King Peter Kional III
Defenses: royal guard, army, militia, walled fortress
Population: approx 12 000 people, mixed "civilized" humanoid races

Once known for its organized army and standing militia, Kional is now (in)famous for its Great Colleseum. Perhaps influenced by nearby Masarrah, the recent royal lineage has emphasized gambling and entertainment based on organized combat within the arena.

  • Masarrah

Authority: no organized authority
Defenses: standing militia
Population: approx 2000 people, mixed "civilized" humanoid races

Masarrah has a reputation for being a thieves den and criminal's haven. Some say that's an exaggeration, however the town is known as hive of illegal activity. During the day, careful customers can travel the streets and purchase a wide variety of goods from shady but rarely violent merchants. At night, people either lock themselves in their homes or brave the streets to partake in the town's highly entertaining but dangerous life style of sex and drugs.

  • Green camp

Authority: Izazh - Captain Ortel
Defenses: Crimson Blades and Izazh soldiers
Population: approx 200 people, primarily human merchants

A temporary settlement located on the border of the Izazh desert and the denser greenery of the neighbouring lands of Masarrah. It is comprised primarily of merchants as they prepare to ship their goods to/from the Base Camp at the ruins.

The party initially gathered here, and while waiting for their guide Nigel, took care of the local bandit problem. Their efforts were made known to the local authority and they were rewarded. Afterwards, Nigel and the remaining party members assembled and set off to the west.

  • Mid camp

Authority: Izazh - Captain Whem
Defenses: Crimson Blades, Izazh soldiers, light posts, turrets, and stompers
Population: approx 100 people, primarily merchants

Another temporary settlement, this camp serves as a resting point for travellers as they journey between Green Camp and Base Camp. It is settled on top of a large, flat rock, to serve as additional protection against the creatures of the desert. There is little to do here but rest and drink at the “bar” on site.

By an odd twist of fate, the party was resting here when the local defences were shut down, apparently overloaded. After helping to fight off the resulting invading wildlife, the party spoke with Clay, a warforged who had been attempting to maintain the defenses. Hadarae reached out to him and they discussed Clay's plan to improve the energy source. After helping Clay complete the new energy source, the party spoke with the local captain and convinced him to use it, although they stole the credit in the process. Clay did not seem to mind, and was just content that his idea was implemented.

Fate continued to favour the party as they were also united with Dreslund, who had been journeying towards the ruins as well. He and Thoradin recognized each other and agreed to work together yet again. In addition to these exploits, Thoradin entertained the locals with drunken arm wrestling. Bernie bet wisely.

  • Base camp

Authority: Izazh - Captain Vek; and AAC - Xyral
Defenses: Crimson Blades, Izazh soldiers, light posts, turrets, and stompers
Population: approx 250, primarily merchants and AAC researchers



  • Nigel: Has an orange hat and a large nose.

Noted for his signature orange safari hat (and less noticed matching clothes) and large nose, Nigel is a jovial travel guide with a penchant for the ale. He met the party at Green Camp and escorted them westward along The Slick on his mighty Rocker. They parted ways once he united the with Migelo, and Nigel once again rode off towards the distant sandy horizon.

  • Migelo: A retired dragonborn traveler

An elderly dragonborn covered in dark blue and golden scales, Migelo is a retired traveller who always seems to get roped into “one last job”. He walks with a notable limp, but whether this is due to his age or his past adventures is uncertain. He seems intelligent but somewhat absent minded and easily lost in thought. He distrusts the AAC, who have control over most of the ruins in Izahz.

The party met with Migelo at Base Camp, who had been expecting them. He gave the party an amulet and directed them to an old residential area of the ruins, while he masked their activities from the AAC.

  • Xyral: Overseer at Base Camp (AAC)

Xyral is a prominent member of the AAC and is in charge of their research operations of the ruins near Base Camp. He is a tall, thin eladrin with fine black hair and a goatee, which contrasts his pale complexion. He carries himself with a light, agile demeanour, and exudes a smug arrogance that is unfortunately backed up with a high intellect and academic credentials.

He became interested in the party after their "incident" in the ruins, and wishes to know more about their marks. He has given them an open-ended invitation to the AAC's head research tower, which the party has declined for the time being.


  • an enemy: description


  • Crimson Blades

Known for their signature crimson uniforms, the Crimson Blades are an organization of mercenaries that use their plate mail to conceal their individual identities. This often attracts members who wish to escape their past or otherwise no longer wish to be found. Their appearance and approach is often seen as fierce and intimidating. Despite this, they are also known for being organized, disciplined, and highly effective.

Due to their concealed identities, the Crimson Blades rely on an internal form of justice. Should a member commit a crime so heinous as to demand public retribution, the offender often “mysteriously” turns up dead and on public display.

  • Arcane Academic Council - AAC

Significant members: Xyral (overseer of Base Camp operation)

Founded centuries ago to further the pursuit of the arcane, the Council was formed as a joint effort of several major Mage guilds. Initially formed to serve as a means of sharing knowledge and resources, the council is now better known for their control of information. Often focused on unravelling arcane mysteries, the AAC has little care for the debates on the morals and applications of their findings.

Members are often identified by their uniform - a fine, violet robe. They are also known to wear sashes that are adorned with pins, denoting their academic accomplishments.

  • Merchant's Guild

Significant members: Phedra

Travelling in the world of Alfegard is dangerous and there is safety to be found in numbers. The Merchant's Guild was formed in order to better organize, unify, and protect travelling merchants. Members often band together in settlements to prepare for and depart on the road together. In addition to goods and currency, merchant's often exchange local news, making them a loose and semi-reliable network of information.

Game recordings and progress

Runes of Ruins - game recordings
Session # Session date In-game date and location (at start) Session recordings
Session 00 July 30, 2012 N/A: character creation [no recording]
Session 01 August 6, 2012 Base camp [no recording]
Session 02 August 13, 2012 Base campe [no recording]
Session 03 August 20, 2012 Mid camp (fight) [no recording]
Session 04 September 14, 2012 Mid camp [no recording]
Session 05 September 17, 2012 Base camp [no recording]
Session 06 October 1, 2012 Inside the ruins [no recording]
Session 07 October 15, 2012 Inside the ruins [no recording]
Session 08 November 5, 2012 Base camp [no recording]
Session 09 December 3, 2012 Purple Rocks recording (by Mike)
Session 10 December 10, 2012 Masarrah recording (by Mike)
Session 11 December 17, 2012 Hyena cave recording (by Mike)
Session 12 February 9, 2013 Masarrah recording (by Mike)
Session 13 February 16, 2013 Lyonil recording (by Mike)
Session 14 March 1, 2013 Valley of drakes · recording part I (by Mike)
· recording part II (by Mike)
Session 15 March 9, 2013 Drokai village recording (by Mike)
Session 16 April 1, 2013 Drokai village recording (by Mike)
Session 17 April 5, 2013 Wilderness near Mystic Falls [no recording]
Session 18 April 19, 2013 Mystic Falls [no recording]
Session 19 April 28, 2013 May 1, 1352 DE: Ruins recording (by Mike)
Session 20 May 5, 2013 May 3, 1352 DE: outside Banpo recording (by Mike)
Session 21 May 10, 2013 May 3, 1352 DE: Banpo recording (by Mike)
Session 22 June 4, 2013 May 4, 1352 DE: Belgoi island [no recording]
Session 23 June 14, 2013 May 4, 1352 DE: Belgoi island (caves) recording (by Mike)
Session 24 June 21, 2013 May 4, 1352 DE: Belgoi island (hall) [no recording]
Session 25 July 2, 2013 May 4, 1352 DE: Belgoi island (hall) · recording part I (by Mike)
· recording part II (by Mike)
Session 26 July 12, 2013 May 5, 1352 DE: Banpo (Raven manor) recording (by Mike)
Session 27 July 24, 2013 May 6, 1352 DE: Banpo (Raven manor) recording (by Mike)
Session 28 July 31, 2013 May 13, 1352 DE: swamps near Dro'Kai village recording (by Mike)
Session 29 August 9, 2013 May 14, 1352 DE: Port Lahst recording (by Mike)
Session 30 August 26, 2013 May 19, 1352 DE: Banpo recording (by Mike)
Session 31 September 4, 2013 May 29, 1352 DE: Alahan recording (by Mike)
Session 32 September 9, 2013 June 6, 1352 DE: mines of Aktempto · recording part I (by Mike)
· recording part II (by Mike)

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